As more consumers adopt wellness as a dominant lifestyle value and an important decision driver, there is a growing demand in the the hospitality, travel, spa- and wellness industry for holistic, sustainable and nontoxic wellness products, services and expertise.

Today’s guests connect their personal well-being with social and environmental health and demand sustainable practices and nontoxic products.  Looking good, feeling good but also doing good is all part of their wellness and beauty aesthetic. That means clean, natural and effective products that are ethically and sustainably sourced and 100% biodegradable – without hurting anyone in the process.   The|Tides Wellness is catering these demands.

The|Tides Wellness provides 100% natural and organic wellness focused hospitality essentials that perform and transform.  They are easy to stock as an amenity in hotel rooms, public spaces, spa, health clubs and the workplace to nurture the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of your guests and employees.  They are piece by piece wonderful additions to the modern  wellness lifestyle and a life on-the-go.

Natural and Organic

The ingredients in our products are non-toxic and packed with high performance and active botanical and mineral ingredients that are totally clean and of the highest quality and efficacy with beautiful textures and aroma therapy scents. All of the ingredients in our formulas are sustainable sourced and 100% biodegradable. They are natural and organic, vegan, unisex, multi-functional and cruelty-free.

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