The|Tides Wellness™
Signature Treatments & Retreats


  • Peace Out™️ | De-Stressing Massage
  • BrainBody Stretch™️ | Post Workout Recovery Massage
  • Back to Brilliance™️ | Rebalancing Massage
  • Turning Tides™️ | Detox Massage
  • Tidal Moon™️ | (Peri-) Menopause Massage
  • Baby My Belly™️ | Pregnancy Massage


  • Gracious Tides™️ | Wellness Facial
  • Deep Tides™️ | Connective Tissue Workout


  • BrainBody Hacker™️ | De-stressing Headspace Treatment
  • Unchain™️ | Back, Shoulders and Neck Treatment
  • Tides Fixer™️ | Cellulite Treatment
  • Ocean Pools™️ | Foot Retreat


  • Salty Me™️ | Magnesium Sea Salt Body Scrub
  • Wrapped in Waves™️ | Sea Mud Body Wrap
  • Tales of the Ocean™️ | Algae & Phytoplankton Body Wrap


  • Inner Calm and Strength™️ | Hammam or Wet Table Treatment
  • Salt Water Soul™️ | Anti Gravity Water Treatment
  • BrainBody Union™️ | Vichy Shower Treatment
  • Blue Body Beautiful™️ | Tides Bathing Menu


Rhythms of Nature™ | Seasonal Wellness Treatments & Retreats:

  • Ocean Deep Recovery™️ | Recharging and Reviving     
  • Sea-Tox™️ | Body and Mind Detox                     
  • Nourish your Nature™️ | Be all you can Be   
  • The Healer™️ | Unwinding and De-stressing                     
  • Limitless™️ | Pre and Post Workout Recovery                     

Our 5 holistic wellness treatments can be offered as a stand alone ( a la carte) treatment or extended to a one or multiple days retreats. Retreats can include besides treatments and therapies; movement, mindfulness activities (a.o. breathwork, yoga, meditations), workshops, food and nutrition.

The|Tides can help to integrate the retreats into your Spa and Wellness concept, identity, values and operations

The|Tides Wellness™ Signature Treatments & Retreats can be personalised to the individual, targeting specific needs and concerns.

The|Tides Wellness™ treatment program has been developed by Annemarie L. Wortman and Louis Wijdenbosch, two industry professionals with over 30 years of seasoned (clinical) experience and notable expertise in the health, wellness and sports arena with a passionate commitment to the field of integrative (sports) medicine and wellness.