100% Natural and Organic Self-Care Products

We have formulated a beautiful collection of result-driven self-care products that perform and transform. The ingredients in our products, coupled with our treatments, are chosen for their powerful characteristics and based on the knowledge and wisdom of ancient healing traditions and today's modern insights. They are non-toxic and packed with high performance and active botanical and mineral ingredients that are totally clean and of the highest quality and efficacy with beautiful textures and aroma therapy scents. All of the ingredients in our formulas are sustainable sourced and 100% biodegradable. They are natural and organic, vegan, unisex, multi functional and cruelty-free.

The base of our products are made from unique Dutch ingredients that are known for their purifying, re-mineralizing strengthening and revitalizing properties. The seaweed and the algae formulations are sustainably cultivated in purified seawater and the source of our 100% pure magnesium is a 250 million year old evaporated sea from the Pangea era that is deeply hidden in the Dutch soil and sea is also sustainably sourced. We process these effective and potent ingredients in a cutting-edge synergy with other ingredients that have a long history of healing such as grey sea salt, clay, mud's,   seaside plants, herbs and aromatherapy oils.

In all of our formulas, that we create in-house, we always strive to combine the best of science and nature and study the science behind the ingredients. After testing the products on our-selves, our affiliated lab carries out full assessments and stability tests on every product before we enter it on the market.