The BrainBody Wellness™ method, is a series of high result and evidence-based wellness treatments that aims to synchronize the body and the brain through effective and result driven wellness products and advanced treatment techniques including:

  • Face, scalp and body massages
  • Clinical stretching, mobilization and traction
  • Breathwork
  • Craniosacral and myofascial release
  • Trigger point, meridian and acupressure work
  • Cupping, Gua Sha and Cryotherapy
  • Sound therapy

The BrainBody Wellness™ method is a paramedic transdisciplinary approach to Wellness that does not specifically belong to a movement or school. It is an innovative framework for an integrated way of working and thinking around the psychosomatic body (Brain & Body). The treatments always have a physical, mental and emotional component. Through unique and interesting treatment techniques and tools we positively influence and balance these components to accomplish the objectives of The|Tides BrainBody Wellness™signature treatments.

The BrainBody Wellness™ signature treatments are themed around the 21st century challenges designed with the modern wellness devotee and wellness wannabees in mind, looking for innovative wellness approaches to:

  • de-stress from the fast-paced life
  • restore physical, mental and emotional balance and strength
  • detoxify from urban stressors, digital overload and environmental pollution
  • improve skin health
  • relieve fatigue and recharging energy
  • boost vitality and immunity
  • restore hormonal imbalance
  • improve sleep quality.

The|Tides BrainBody Wellness™ treatments can be personalised to the individual, targeting specific needs and concerns.

The|Tides BrainBody Wellness™ treatment program has been developed by Annemarie L. Wortman and Louis Wijdenbosch, two industry professionals with over 30 years of seasoned (clinical) experience and notable expertise in the health, wellness and sports arena with a passionate commitment to the field of integrative (sports) medicine and wellness.